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Tongcheng city tong house real estate group(简称Futong group)Brief introduction Tongcheng city tong house real estate group(简称Futong group)Was established2011Years9Month,Is a diversified, mainly real estate, is a comprehensive enterprise group,Total assets6.2Hundred million。Parent tongcheng city real estate development co., LTD. Was established in1984Years7Month,Has the national real estate development two class enterprise qualification,The main real estate development、Commercial housing sales。The seven business entity:Tongcheng city was investment co., LTD、Tongcheng city was real estate marketing co., LTD、Tongcheng city was new walling materials co., LTD、Tongcheng city was decoration co., LTD、Tongcheng city was property management co., LTD、Tongcheng city was landscaping

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